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Bitmain Antminer S21: Specs, Setup, and Profits Explained

November 1, 2023

Quick Summary

Bitmain unveiled a powerful Bitcoin miner series in its World Digital Mining Summit in Hong Kong. One such model from the series is Bitmain Antminer S21. It is gathering attention from all over the world and people are waiting for its release.

We will quickly walk you through the Bitmain Antminer S21 review covering its features, specifications, profitability, coins compatible with it and much more.

Table of Contents

    A Brief Introduction to Antminer S21

    Antminer S21 miner was recently introduced by Bitmain in the World Digital Mining Summit in Hong Kong. Prior to it, the Antminer S19 series was also introduced like this in the World Digital Mining Summit that took place in Dubai.

    Bitmain is already renowned worldwide for its leading Bitcoin miners offering optimal results and great performance.

    The S21 series comes in two cooling divisions which are the hydro-cooled series and air-cooled series.

    Talking about the Antminer S21, it employs air-cooled features to avoid excessive heating.

    The series is not released yet, however, Bitmain is expected to launch its first batch of Antminer S21 in January 2024.

    Antminer S21 Specifications: Explained

    Antminer S21 is a powerful Bitcoin miner which was announced in 2023 by Bitmain. However, the first batch of Bitmain Antminer S21 is expected to be launched in January 2024.

    Antminer S21’s hash rate is 200 Terahash per second (Th/s). With such a superior hash rate, the results will be exceptionally great. This would lead the miner to deliver efficiently and promptly.

    Antminer S21’s power consumption rate is 3500 Watts (W). With such competitive hash rate and power consumption, the efficiency of miners will also be exclusive.

    The efficiency rating of the Antminer S21 air-cooled series is 17.5 j/Th. Its outstanding features is what stands the Antminer S21 from the rest of the miners.

    Talking about its dimensions and weight, it is 400 x 195 x 290 mm and 15400 g respectively.

    Coming to the noise level of Antminer S21, it is 75 dB which is common as compared to others. However, it is crucial that you keep the miner under the required temperature and humidity conditions.

    The required temperature and humidity level for Antminer S21 to operate well is 0-45 degree celsius and 10-90% respectively.

    Bitmain Antminer S21 Miner

    Let us now quickly give you a preview of the specifications of Antminer S21 for better understanding:

    Manufactured by Bitmain
    Model Name Air-cooled Antminer S21 miner
    Release Date January 2024
    Power Consumption 3500 W
    Hash rate 200 Th/s
    Efficiency 17.5 j/Th
    Fans Quantity 2
    Dimension(w/o) 400 x 195 x 290 mm
    Dimension(w) 570 x 316 x 430 mm
    Weight net 15400 g
    Weight Gross 17100 g
    Noise  75 dB
    Voltage 220 – 277 V
    Connection Ethernet
    Temperature Condition 0 – 45 Degree Celsius
    Humidity Level 10 – 90%

    Which Coins are Compatible with Antminer S21?

    Antminer S21 is mainly compatible with Bitcoin(BTC) mainly as Bitmain is the official leading manufacturer of Bitcoin miners around the world.

    Other than Bitcoin there are a few more coins which you can mine using Bitmain Antminer S21(200 Th/s). The list of minable coins include DGB-SHA(DGB), eCash(XEC), BitcoinCash(BCH), Peercoin, LitecoinCash(LCC) and Myriad-SHA(XMY).

    Which Algorithm is used by Antminer S21?

    Antminer S21 is employed with the SHA-256 algorithm which is one of the most used algorithms. Data integrity is guaranteed by SHA 256, allowing both parties to be certain that the message is indeed coming from the person they believe it is.

    SHA-256 has a feature called digital signatures that allows users or the recipient to verify digital documents, codes, or software that is signed.

    In this manner, they are able to determine if the document or file was made or updated by someone else, or whether you authored it and signed it. widespread blockchain transactions, particularly involving Bitcoin, use it.

    Hence, Antminer S21 in combination with SHA-256 is bound to deliver the best results.

    Analysis of the Bitmain Antminer S21 Miner’s Profitability

    As Bitmain Antminer S21 is highly compatible with Bitcoin due to its algorithmic sync. It delivers exclusively better hash rate and power consumption with the efficiency rate of 17.5 j/Th.

    Bitcoin is one of the most profitable coins in the list of all cryptocurrencies, which is at the top right now. Therefore, the profitability of the S21 cryptocurrency mining can be easily anticipated.

    To calculate the profitability, you can use the profitability calculator by inputting all the details such as the model’s name, hash rate, power consumption, coin’s price, pool fee(if any) and tap on calculate.

    bitcoin price chart

    Source: Coinmarketcap

    It can be seen that there is a huge surge in the Bitcoin’s price therefore, the more the price, the more profitable it is to mine the coin.

    Considering the hashrate, power consumption and efficiency of the Antminer S21, it would be correct to say that the profits will be optimal.

    Let us now take a closer look at profitability of Antminer S21:

    antminer s21 profitability

    Source: AsicMinerValue

    Note: The profitability rate can change depending upon the factors used to calculate it.

    How is Bitmain Antminer S21 compared to other leading SHA-256 models?

    Bitmain Antminer S21 is in high demand already due to the exceptional features that it offers. There are several other models from Bitmain and other brands like MicroBT which are also used widely.

    So let’s take a deeper analysis on the miner by comparing it to see its performance in contrast to other SHA-256 employed miners.


    How to maintain the Bitmain Antminer S21 for optimal results?

    There are several things you can keep in check or perform to maintain your Antminer S21 mining hardware:

    • Clean the miner after a regular interval, so there is no dust accumulation as that may affect the performance of the miner.
    • Update your Firmware regularly whenever released on the official website of Bitmain. It helps your miner to be in sync with the updated trends and requirements to match up the upgrades. It also helps in bug fixes from time to time that increases the performance of the miner.
    • Properly check the connections of your power cable and internet, so there are no hurdles when executing the cryptocurrency mining operation.
    • Do not overclock your miner when not necessary as it can lead the miner to witness the damages that will be irreparable.

    Where to buy the Bitmain Antminer S21?

    For the Antminer S21, Bitmain is currently taking preorders; however, miners who can purchase in bulk are the only ones who may place these orders.

    For those who want to buy the smaller orders of Antminer S21 can buy it from secondary merchants. Preorders for the Antminer S21 are currently being accepted at Asic Marketplace, you can choose whatever batch is suitable with you. First shipments of the new ASIC miner are expected to arrive between January 2024 to June 2024.

    The prices for the first batch are the promotional prices and after the dispatch of the first batch, the prices can vary depending upon the official manufacturer of Antminer S21, Bitmain.

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    Bitmain’s dominant position in the bitcoin mining sector has been reaffirmed by the S21 series miners, which exhibit exceptional performance in both technology and market positioning.

    The S21 series has raised the bar for the future of the mining sector, whether it be in terms of breakthroughs in technology or the dynamics of the market.

    FAQs on Antminer S21

    • What is the efficiency of Bitmain Antminer S21?

      With a hash rate of 200 Th/s and power consumption of 3500 W, the Antminer S21 delivers an efficiency rate of 17.5 j/Th.

    • What is the warranty period of Bitmain Antminer S21?

      The warranty period of Bitmain Antminer S21 depends upon the official manufacturer of the product. However, normally it is around 180-360 days.

    • How to set up Antminer S21?

      You can easily set up Antminer S21 by connecting the power cables, connecting compatible servers, installing the software and initializing the miner.