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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the maximum order quantity?

There is no maximum order quantity. If you wish to place a bulk order, please contact us for more discounts.

What is the process of placing an order?

Step 1: Visit our website
Step 2: Select a product from the search bar or product list add to the cart.
Step 3: To checkout, click on View Cart (button above the product listing).
Step 4: Apply Coupon (if you have one) and click- 'Proceed of Checkout'.
Step 5: Fill in the requisite details.
Step 6: Select the payment method.
Step 7: Click- 'Place Order' to be directed to the confirmation page for the order placed.
Step 8: Make payment via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.
  1. For payment via bank transfer, you will receive the bank details on your registered email address.
  2. For payment via cryptocurrency, you need to select a cryptocurrency to pay through your wallet. Next, open your crypto wallet and scan the QR code, or copy the particular cryptocurrency wallet address to make the payment.
Step 9: Receive an auto-generated email on your registered email address stating the details of your order.

Can I place an order in person?

For optimal customer experience, we prefer you place an order through our E-commerce website. If you are facing difficulties placing an order through our website, get in touch with our representatives for your order placement through a direct Call, Email, WhatsApp, and Live Chat.

Can I pick up my purchase directly from warehouse?

For your convenience, we ship the product to your provided address. However, in case of urgency, you can pick up the miner from our warehouse, provided you have a prior appointment (raised at the time or before placing an order).

How do I confirm you have received my payment?

Thank you for your payment! You will receive an auto-generated order number, payment details and other details to your registered email address.

Can I modify my order details?

We will happily make changes to your order details, provided that the shipment has not already left our warehouse. Some of the modifications include:
  1. Change in name
  2. Change in address
  3. Change the phone number.

Can I cancel my order?

We apologise, but we do not accept requests for alteration, modification or cancellation of an order. All sales are final and non-refundable On any Terms.

In case of bulk orders, can I avail special discounts?

We recognize that you require special discounts for multiple purchases. Reach out to our representatives for the specifics.

Is the power supply unit included along with the miner?

Yes, the power supply unit comes with the miner without any additional charges.

Our power supply unit is shipped based on the country's standards to ensure a safe connection of the miner.

Do you provide a power cord along with the miner?

We're proud to be shipping our products in over 90 countries worldwide, but unfortunately, we can not provide a power cord compatible with all regions. But don't worry - you'll have no problem purchasing it locally or finding one via an online search.

But if there's anything else that you need, just let us know.

How can I check my order and shipping status?

You'll be able to see all the information about your order, including the tracking number and courier service used. To track your order, sign in to My Account on our website.

However, this is only applicable if you signup and place an order; otherwise, if you choose to place an order as a guest, you can track your order details through email or by getting in touch with our staff.

Can I place an order over a Phone Call/Email/WhatsApp/Live chat?

Yes, we're happy to take your order over the Phone, by Email, over Live Chat, or over WhatsApp. Anything you need to make this easy!


Are the stated prices of the miners regularly updated on the website?

Constant updates keep our miners on top. We update at the start of every day and ensure that anything that affects our pricing is reflected in the current price.

What is the currency of the price stated for the miners?

US Dollars

Are the shipping costs included in the mentioned prices?

Yes, we ship to your location without any additional charges.

Are there any hidden charges?

Because customer service is our top priority, we have transparent pricing without any hidden costs.


Can I pay in a different currency than US Dollars?

No matter where you live, you can transfer your payment through your bank account. Your bank will check the current exchange rate and transfer the payment to our bank account.

For example, if you have a Euro bank account, all you need to do is request your bank to transfer US Dollars as per the current market exchange to our bank account.

How do I pay with cryptocurrency if I don't have a Coinbase account?

Since it is not necessary to have a Coinbase account or wallet in order to make a payment in cryptocurrency, you can transfer cryptocurrency from one of your wallets/exchanges to our specific coin wallet address.

How can I avoid auto cancellation of an order due to delayed payments (via cryptocurrency transfer)?

In case of a delay in payment, your order will lapse!

Avoid auto cancellation of your order by paying within the time limit (i.e. within 59:00 mins).

Please note the market price is volatile and can change at any time, so there may be a difference in the price you buy from us.

In case of delay, you can contact our representatives to help hold your order longer.

Do you accept Paypal or Credit cards for payment?

We strictly accept payment through two modes:
  1. Bank Transfers
  2. Cryptocurrency Transfers

Shipping & Warranty

What is the miner's warranty period?

All our miners fall under different warranties that vary from 6 months to 1 year of the time period, depending on the miner manufacturing company. Please note these miners come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we don’t provide any personal warranty for your purchase.

What do the miner’s status- ‘In stock’ and ‘Month Batch’ stand for?

In stock: The status explains that we have the particular miner available for immediate shipping from our warehouse.

Month Batch (Eg. October Batch): As you are browsing through our products, you might notice the status "Month Batch" which means that it is open for pre-order and will be shipped in the specified batch to the client.

Are shipping costs included in the final pricing?

No, the best shipping rate to your location will be applied automatically on the checkout page.

Who are your shipping partners?

DHL, FedEx and UPS are our main delivery partners who help us ship miners to our customers through air cargo.

Do you help with lower invoicing for a lower customs duty payment and to save tax?

We understand that you are liable to pay customs duties and taxes. However, we will do everything we can to help you reduce the tax by providing a lower invoice, making it easier and cheaper to get past customs.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship the best mining equipment worldwide reaching 90+ countries.

How long will it take for an order to ship?

We do our best to get your product out as soon as possible so you can start to enjoy mining it as soon as possible. However, at times of high demand, it usually takes about 2-4 days for us to ship your product.

General FAQs

Will I get a purchase receipt?

You will receive a purchase receipt on your registered email address upon confirmation of your order.

How can I get regular updates about ASIC miners?

Looking for a way to support the miners that are creating the cryptocurrency revolution? Sign up for our newsletter.

Do I need technical knowledge to mine with ASIC miners?

Not necessarily; you can start mining crypto with fundamental knowledge.

How to setup a miner?

The setup of the miner is straightforward and allows plug and play solution for users to get up and running without technical difficulties.

Simply track the IP of the miner with an advanced IP scanner desktop app. After getting the miner's IP, you need to open their dashboard. After opening the dashboard, you need to set up a pool stratum link and your wallet address to start the mining. For any further information specifically about this product, please get in touch with our technical representative.

How to get started with the miner?

All you need is a laptop or computer with internet access, and you can begin mining, allowing you to monitor your performance from anywhere!

How to find my miner's IP address?

To find your mining machine IP:
Download and install an IP scanner app on your computer.