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IceRiver KS0 PRO: Specs, Setup and Profits Explained

December 6, 2023

Quick Summary

Kaspa mining seems to create a great track record with the increasing popularity. This is increasing the demand amongst the mining enthusiasts, due to which Kaspa miners manufacturing is on the fast-paced run. IceRiver, being one of the top Kaspa mining manufacturers, is coming with advanced Kaspa mining hardwares.

One such robust mining equipment by IceRiver is KS0 Pro, which can mark a greater significance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This blog will give you a detailed overview of the Iceriver KS0 Pro by understanding its specifications, setup and profitability. Along with this, we will also compare a few models that will help you better with your decision.

Table of Contents

    IceRiver KS0 PRO: An Overview

    The newest ASIC miner, IceRiver KS0 Pro, offers excellent productivity and performance. With the newest innovations, this extremely sophisticated ASIC miner offers the best performance at the lowest power consumption rate.

    With a competitive hashing rate, IceRiver KS0 Pro is amongst the most potent miners available. It offers robust features that can possibly provide consistent performance.

    It is particularly designed for mining Kaspa for getting better deliverability and outputs. Kaspa is a pioneering cryptocurrency solution with a number of characteristics, including quick transactions, instant confirmations, scalability, an effective proof-of-work method, and strong security.

    It promptly allows the miners to solve challenging computational calculations and validate transactions on the distributed ledger network, or blockchain.

    Technical Specifications of IceRiver KS0 PRO

    Hash rates and energy efficiency have been considerably enhanced in the Pro version. With an amazing power efficiency of 100W, the IceRiver KS0 Pro has a hash rate of 200 Gh/s.

    IceRiver KS0 pro was released recently in November 2023 and has a noise level of 10 dB which is way less than the conventional noise level. It makes IceRiver KS0 Pro a suitable Kaspa mining hardware for installation at several places, without having to worry about the extreme noise problems.

    It has a size of 200 x 194 x 74 mm and weight of 2500g, which is a compelling size and can be installed in a small room as well. Also, it needs to be kept in a room with proper ventilation as its operating temperature ranges from 0 to 35 Degree Celsius.

    Iceriver KS0 Pro Miner

    Manufactured by IceRiver
    Model Name KS0 Pro
    Release Date November 2023
    Power Consumption 100 W
    Hash rate 200 Gh/s
    Efficiency 0.5 j/Gh
    Dimension 200 x 194 x 74 mm
    Weight  2500 g
    Voltage 100 – 240 V
    Noise  10 dB
    Connection Ethernet
    Temperature Condition 0 – 35 Degree Celsius

    Steps to Set Up IceRiver KS0 Pro

    Below given are a few steps following which you can set up your IceRiver KS0 Pro miner:

    1. Initially Prior to plugging in the power cord, you must first connect the IceRiver KS0 Pro miner to the Ethernet. The red and green indicator lights will be lit up during the beginning of the procedure. The green status light will begin flashing after about a minute, signalling that the miner has begun appropriately.
    2. Locate and obtain the IP address in this step. For obtaining the IP address of KS0 Pro, click the button that detects IP and hold down the machine’s button for one to two seconds after the window that pops up appears. After which you will insert the IP address that will open up your way to launch your internet browser and type the login credential.
    3. In this step, you are required to join and configure the mining pool and wallet for a smooth mining operation. After this, you are all set up and can smoothly start the mining operation with your IceRiver KS0 Pro mining hardware.

    Comparison Between KS0 Pro and Top kHeavyHash Algorithm Miners

    Below are the technical details of the competitive Kaspa miners employing kHeavyHash algorithm that will help you better understand the miners.

    A thorough comparison has been made, so that you can make an informed choice by having a look at the performances of other top Kaspa miners. This will give you a detailed analysis of the mining hardware, depicting its performance capabilities and efficiency rate.

    IceRiver KS0 Pro is compared to its base model KS0 that boasts a hashrate of 100 Gh/s on a power consumption of 65 W.

    Along with the IceRiver KS0 Pro’s base model, it is also put in comparison with the KS1 that gives out the hashrate of 1000 Gh/s on a power consumption of 600 W.

    comparing iceriver ks0 pro with other top kaspa miners

    Profitability of IceRiver KS0 PRO

    The profitability is the major criteria which is looked upon when purchasing a mining hardware, as the return on investment is a crucial factor. Talking about IceRiver KS0 Pro , it is a great innovation of IceRiver and everyone has laid eyes on its profits.

    As per the statistics from Minetheasic, the profitability of IceRiver KS0 Pro per day is $4.61, per month profit is $138.30 and per year it is $1,682.

    Attached below is the image depicting the profitability statistic of the KS0 Pro, which shows the electricity consumption is quite less than the profits generated, which is a green signal for the mining enthusiasts, looking to buy IceRiver KS0 Pro.

    iceriver ks0 pro profitability

    Kaspa’s Current Scenario

    Kaspa is also becoming one of the most mined cryptocurrency, due to the increasing demand for its mining. As per the data by Coinmarketcap, the Kaspa is on the bull run as of now.

    The stats attached below depicts the data of Kaspa in the last 7 days, which is going up. It has a current market cap of $2,068,393,257 and its volume has risen up to 7.66% in the last 24 hours.

    kaspa price performace

    Note: The data shown is not fixed and can change depending on several factors from time to time.

    Where to buy the IceRiver KS0 Pro?

    It is always the right idea to purchase it straight from the manufacturer. However, sometimes the possibility is that either manufacturers don’t sell directly to customers or promptly run out of stock.

    Therefore, purchasing from the trusted reseller is also a viable option. You can purchase IceRiver KS0 Pro from Asic Marketplace, the verified resellers of Asic mining hardwares.

    Not only will you purchase the miner, but also all your queries will be entertained at every point of difficulty that hinders your operation.

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    IceRiver is gaining prominence around the world due its robust Kaspa mining hardwares. IceRiver KS0 pro can possibly hasten Kaspa’s progress. It is suitable for both experienced miners and beginners. With its remarkable hash rate, energy efficiency, compact size and lesser noise levels it is all set to revolutionize the mining industry.

    We believe that you have now received a broader view into IceRiver KS0 Pro with this detailed analysis of all the parameters for making an informed decision.

    FAQs on IceRiver KS0 Pro

    • What is the hash rate offered by IceRiver KS0 Pro?

      IceRiver KS0 Pro offers a hash rate of 200 Gh/s on a power consumption of 100 W.

    • Is the IceRiver KS0 Pro noisy?

      No, the IceRiver KS0 Pro is not noisy and can be operated anywhere as its noise level is 10 dB, which is way less than the mining hardwares which are present in the market.

    • Does the IceRiver KS0 offer better Return on Investment?

      As per the currency statistics, KS0 Pro is offering better performance and great returns on investment. However, the profits can keep changing due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.