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Top 5 Kaspa Miners of 2024 [Updated List]

December 4, 2023

Quick Summary

Kaspa is known as the quickest and most scalable quick confirmation transaction layer developed on a proof-of-work engine, which is one of the best players in the cryptocurrency market. It follows the ghostDAG protocol and follows the majority of the principles by Santoshi Nakamoto incorporated in Bitcoin Mining. Kaspa miners are ruling the crypto-mining world due to its ability to perform exceptionally well.

This blog will provide you with detailed information on the will address all of your inquiries on top 5 Kaspa miners of 2024.

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    What is Kaspa Mining?

    In November 2021, an open-source layer-1 blockchain solution, Kaspa was established. It is the fastest and most scalable instant confirmation transaction layer yet developed, and it is based on a proof-of-work engine. With the innovative blockDAG structure of the ledger, transactions sent to miners can be instantly processed.

    Proof-of-work Kaspa is becoming more and more well-known as a result of its capacity to address the scalability problems with Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies. Hundreds of times quicker than Bitcoin, Kaspa generates and confirms many blocks per second using its BlockDAG network.

    With its blockDAG structure, which enables the creation and confirmation of several blocks per second, Kaspa seeks to address the scaling problems that Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies are experiencing.

    What are the key features of Kaspa Mining?

    Here are a few features of Kaspa mining that make it the most efficient and scalable mining method:

    • Quick Transactions

    Transactions are posted to the ledger more quickly with KASPA’s blockDAG network, which creates multiple blocks per second. This makes KASPA perfect for regular transactions, especially when combined with completely confirmed transactions in less than 10 seconds.

    • Instant Confirmation

    KASPA is intended to be hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin. It takes only a few seconds to become network visible, and it takes an average of ten seconds to fully confirm each KASPA transaction.

    • Scalability

    Kaspa is capable of processing a high volume of transactions quickly. Because KASPA can generate and process several blocks per second, it addresses the scalability problem. Security and decentralization are unaffected by this.

    • Robust Security

    Kaspa places a high priority on security and uses the ground-breaking GhostDAG Consensus method. Any cryptocurrency network must prioritize security, and Kaspa makes sure your network is extremely safe without sacrificing decentralization. To maintain network security, the Kaspa network combines a ground-breaking GhostDAG Consensus engine with pure, stakeless proof of work.

    • Better Productivity

    Ensuring the reliable operation of cryptographic networks is crucial. Kaspa is a network that utilizes less energy than other Proof-of-Work (PoW) networks because it ensures efficient optical mining using the kHeavyHash algorithm. This guarantees Kaspa’s high level of efficiency, together with zero-waste blocks and a high-throughput DAG.

    key features of kaspa mining

    What to consider when choosing a Kaspa Miner?

    Below listed are some of the factors that come forth before making a choice of the suitable Kaspa mining machine for you:

    • Research Well

    It is essential that before you purchase Kaspa mining hardware, you compare it well, study it well, and then come to a particular conclusion.

    It is because it helps you to understand the features of the mining hardware well and opens you up to better options.

    A thorough research helps you to make informed choices on whether to buy your desired mining hardware or whether you have many options that give you a great return on Investment.

    • Electricity and Hash Power

    The electricity and hash power of Kaspa Miner plays a significant role in buying hardware.

    With a greater hash rate and low power consumption, you can expect more remarkable outcomes; however, when the opposite is the case, things can get somewhat less profitable for you.

    • Mining Difficulty Level

    The mining difficulty level of Kaspa depends upon the number of users trying to mine the blocks and adding them to the blockchain. It is when the difficulty level arises, making it possible for only a few mining enthusiasts to mine Kaspa successfully.

    When the network’s difficulty is higher, the whole network will be more secure. Therefore, you must buy a Kaspa miner that performs well despite the increased level of mining difficulty.

    • Coin’s Price

    The price of the coin plays a significant role in affecting the profitability of mining. Therefore, please keep track of the current coin’s price before choosing it for mining. Several factors impact the coin’s rate, such as environmental conditions, mining difficulty level, etc. The higher the coin’s price, the higher the output will be with the right choice of miner.

    Which are the Top Kapsa Miners of 2024?

    Here are the top 5 and best Kaspa miners performing incredibly well in the Kaspa mining race in 2024. These series include Bitmain KS5, IceRiver KS5L, iBelink BM KS-Max, Goldshell KA Box and Antminer KS3. Let’s uncover its features in-depth for a better understanding of these miners:

    1. Bitmain Antminer KS5

    Bitmain KS5 is a robust Kaspa miner offering optimal mining efficiency to the miners and comes with an efficient cooling system in place. It has a hash rate of 20 Th/s and has a power consumption of 3000 W which helps miners to maximize their mining output and achieve better results.

    Bitmain Antminer KS5 Miner

    Manufacturer Bitmain
    Model Antminer KS5
    Release March 2024
    Power Consumption 3000 W
    Hashrate 20 Th/s
    Efficiency 150 j/Th
    Dimension 430 x 195 x 290mm
    Weight 15800 g
    Voltage Input 220 – 277 
    Noise Level 76 dB
    Interface Ethernet
    Humidity 10 – 90 % 
    Temperature 0 – 40 degree Celsius

    2. Ice River KS5L

    IceRiver KS5L is the newly launched Kaspa mining hardware that gives miners 12 Th/s of hash rate on consuming 3400 W of power. This Kaspa miner is highly efficient and works well when kept under the required temperature conditions. Ice River KS5L’s groundbreaking technology is set to mark the Kaspa industry with maximum energy efficiency and outstanding performance.

    IceRiver KS5L

    Manufacturer Ice River
    Model KS5L
    Also known as Iceriver KS5L KAS MINER
    Release April 2024
    Power Consumption 3400 W
    Hashrate 12 Th/s
    Efficiency 283.3 j/Th
    Dimension 370 x 195 x 290mm
    Weight 15000g
    Voltage Input 170 – 300V AC 
    Noise Level 75 dB
    Interface Ethernet
    Humidity 10 – 90 % 
    Temperature 0 – 35 degree Celsius

    3. iBelink BM KS-Max

    iBelink BM KS-Max is the new powerful Kaspa miner that offers greater efficiency at a hash rate of 10.5 Th/s on consuming 3400 W of power. It has just come in, however, gained prominence due to its high energy efficiency ratio. The all-new iBleink BM-Max miner is sure to bring a lot to the table for the Kaspa miners and transform the industry.


    Manufactured by iBelink
    Model Name BM-KS Max
    Also known as iBelink BM-KS Max Miner
    Release Date February 2024
    Power Consumption 3400 W
    Hash rate 10.5 Th/s
    Efficiency 323.8 j/Th
    Fans Quantity 4
    Dimension 340 x 190 x 293 mm
    Weight net 12200 g
    Noise  75 dB
    Voltage 190 – 240 V
    Connection Ethernet
    Temperature Condition 0 – 45 degree Celsius
    Humidity Level 0 – 95%

    4. Goldshell KA Box

    Goldshell KA Box comes with an exceptional hash rate of 1.18 Th/s on consuming 400 W of power. This miner comes with a minimalistic design, is lightweight, and has low noise levels, which makes it easy for the miners to operate the KA Box from anywhere. The miner’s exceptional efficiency makes it a fantastic option for miners seeking a Kaspa miner that produces greater outputs with less energy consumption.

    Goldshell KA Box Miner

    Manufacturer Goldshell
    Model KA Box
    Also Known as Goldshell KA Box Kaspa Miner
    Release Date March 2024
    Power consumption 400 W
    Hashrate 1.18 Th/s
    Efficiency 338.9 j/Th
    Weight 2000 g
    Size 178 x 150 x 84 mm
    Input Voltage 100 – 240 V
    Noise Level 35 dB
    Fan(s) 2
    Interface Ethernet
    Temperature 0 – 35 degree Celsius
    Humidity 0 – 65 %

    5. Bitmain Antminer KS3

    Antminer KS3 is an amazing mining equipment with advanced capabilities to mine Kaspa. This miner provides outstanding performance with energy efficiency which is 372.3 j/Th with its amazing 9.4 Th/s hash rate and modest 3500 W power consumption. The Antminer KS3 guarantees reliable and secure mining operations, and miners all over the world continue to highly value this alternative.

    Antminer KS3 Miner

    Manufactured by Bitmain
    Model Name Antminer KS3 KAS miner
    Release Date August 2023
    Power Consumption 3500 W
    Hash rate 9.4 Th/s
    Efficiency 372.3 j/Th
    Fans Quantity 2
    Dimension 430 x 195 x 290 mm
    Weight net 16100 g
    Weight Gross 17700 g
    Noise  75 dB
    Voltage 200 – 240 V
    Connection RJ45 Ethernet
    Temperature Condition 5 – 40 degree Celsius
    Humidity Level 10 – 90%

    Comparison between Top Kaspa Miner Models

    Here’s a quick comparison between the top-most Kaspa miner series of 2024. It will guide you better on the essential features of the miner that give you a detailed insight into its input and output. Using this comparison chart you can compare, analyze, and draw informed conclusions on which one works best for your requirements.


    Comparison between Top Kaspa Miner Models

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    KASPA is showing promise as a solution for miners, and it is currently being used globally. Miners can make the most of their earnings and successfully traverse the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency mining with the appropriate tools and tactics. As always, before beginning Kaspa mining, careful research and consideration of all relevant elements are required.

    FAQs on Kaspa Mining

    • Which hashing algorithm does the Kaspa Miner use?

      Kaspa Miner uses the kHeavyHash algorithm, which is a HeavyHash algorithm.

    • What is the average transaction time for Kaspa?

      The average transaction time for Kaspa is 10 seconds.

    • Can I mine Kaspa using an ASIC Miner?

      Yes, despite Kaspa’s creation with the idea of being Asic-resistant. There are several competitive ASIC mining models that you can use to mine Kaspa.

    • Is Kaspa Layer-1 Blockchain?

      Yes, Kaspa is a Layer-1 Blockchain that prioritizes decentralization and scalability and safeguards the data.