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Troubleshooting Goldshell ASIC Miner Problems

December 15, 2023

Quick Summary

Welcome to our in-depth manual for fixing issues with Goldshell ASIC miners! Goldshell’s ASIC miners have become dependable instruments for mining enthusiasts and experts worldwide as cryptocurrency mining gains popularity. Even the most cutting-edge technology, though, occasionally runs into problems.

In this article, we’ll examine the different features of Goldshell ASIC miners, look at typical problems that miners could encounter, and give you several troubleshooting methods to ensure your mining operations go without any issues.

This blog is intended to assist you in overcoming a variety of problems and keep your mining operations on the path to success, whether you are an experienced miner or just getting started.

Let’s start with the blog to explain the troubleshooting associated with Goldshell ASIC Miner and the challenges that arise.

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    What is Goldshell?

    Goldshell is a leading technology company founded in 2017 that focuses on producing Integrated circuits and Chips. Goldshell is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has offices in several locations, marking its expansion. They have gained so much popularity worldwide for the efficiency of their products in mining various cryptocurrencies.

    They have been engaged in 70% of research and development and are working to expand it even more. Goldhsell has an excellent social media presence and is known well across the globe for the efficient results it delivers to the miners using its products.

    Goldshell Product Lineup

    Goldshell constantly improved its products’ computing capability and efficiency to provide high-performance and extremely dependable computing infrastructure and services for developing the digital economy.

    They are focusing on high-performing miners along with their application areas to increase the deliverability of the product line. The focus of Goldshell has continuously been on improving and enhancing the computational power of its devices.

    Goldshell has produced a variety of highly efficient and flawlessly reliable computing infrastructure due to its persistent commitment to improving computing power and boosting product competitiveness. Such infrastructure serves as a strong foundation for the growth of the developing digital economy. Their product lineup is summed in three tiers of mining that are currently available:

    • Entry level (BOX series)

    The box series of Goldshell consists of mining hardware that is highly convenient to use and makes it easy for the miners to operate it anywhere and anytime. Not only does it offer easy installment but also simple management software for improved deliverability.

    • Intermediate level (Lite series)

    Goldshell Lite series consists of mining hardware with high-performance chips, a compatible design, and a noise level reduction function. The lite series capably delivers a stable hash rate and optimized cooling system.

    • Professional level (miners)

    The Goldshell Professional series efficiently delivers the maximized performance tailored to meet the imagination level of the miners. They have advanced functions in place, offering increased efficiency and convenience.

    Key Features of Goldshell Miners

    Goldshell miners offer some tremendous key features confirming their reliance and exceptional outputs:

    • Exceptional Performance:

    Goldshell miners are renowned for their dependable and consistent mining performance. These miners are very skilled at mining and deliver outstanding results. These miners can handle numerous calculations due to their powerful computing capacity. Also, they are primarily renowned for their reliable and consistent mining performance.

    • Cutting-Edge Design:

    Goldshell miners are renowned for their cutting-edge hardware design and engineering skills. They can quickly handle many transactions and facilitate your reward earning.

    • Convenient to install and operate:

    Goldshell miners are made simple to serve everyone. It’s easy to put them up, even if you’re new to mining. Instead, they are a fantastic option if you’re starting because they’re not overly sophisticated.

    Despite the small size of the Goldshell Box series’, it delivers impressive output. It doesn’t require a lot of space as it is easy to install and set up, which is a great feature.

    • Energy Efficient:

    Goldshell miners consume little electricity, which helps them save money over time. Saving energy is crucial since the mining sector increasingly worries about wasting energy and endangering the environment.

    • Compatible:

    Goldshell miners are consistent with many coins and algorithms. It implies that you have more choices and can mine various resources.

    • Eco-friendly:

    They are energy-efficient, which means they use less energy and are better for the environment. Goldshell miners assist in lessening their influence on the environment by using less energy. You’ll spend less on your electricity. Due to their energy efficiency property, You’ll save so much on electricity.

    • Flexible Mining:

    You are not restricted to just one cryptocurrency because Goldshell miners can work with various cryptocurrencies.

    • Variety of Choices:

    Goldshell provides a selection of miners with varying power levels, allowing you to select the one that best suits your requirements.

    Coins with Goldshell ASIC Miners

    While other manufacturers have focused primarily on popular cryptocurrency mining, such as bitcoin, the Goldshell manufacturers have played a prominent role in covering altcoin cryptocurrency mining.

    They created the mining hardware, specifically altcoin mining, so that people who want to do alternate cryptocurrency mining can do it possibly with the Goldshell miners for efficient results. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those looking beyond Bitcoin Mining. The coins that the Goldshell mining hardware can mine are:

    • Litecoin(LTC)

    The LT5 and LT6 Goldshell miners are ideal for mining Litecoin, which is frequently referred to as the lighter version of Bitcoin yet shares the same principles.

    • Dogecoin(DOGE)

    The Mini-DOGE miner from Goldshell is made exclusively for mining Dogecoin, a well-liked alternative currency with a vibrant and enthusiastic community.

    • Kadena(KDA)

    Mining Kadena, a blockchain platform renowned for its scalability, security, and high-performance smart contracts, has shown the efficacy of Goldshell KD5 and KD6 miners.

    • Starcoin(STC)

    Starcoin is a decentralized blockchain system that aims to offer a scalable and secure foundation for the global digital economy, and the Goldshell ST-Box can mine it effectively.

    • Siacoin(SC)

    The SC-BOX miner from Goldshell is designed specifically for mining Siacoin, a blockchain-based cloud storage protocol that uses decentralized file storage.

    • Nervos Network(CKB)

    The CK-BOX and CK5 goldshell miners, a public blockchain platform created for the future of digital currency, are the best in mining Nervos Network.

    • Handshake(HNS)

    Handshake, a decentralized name and certificate authority system that seeks to build a more secure and censorship-resistant internet, can be mined using Goldshell HS-Box and Goldshell HS Lite.

    Troubleshooting the Goldshell ASIC Miners’ Problems

    The Goldshell Miners created a prominent space due to its robust design, exceptional deliverability, and compelling features. Even if mining hardware gives unexpected outputs, it is normal for it to have some shortcomings. These issues persist naturally and then affect the performance of the ASIC mining hardware.

    Some of the commonly continuing problems that Goldshell ASIC Miner encounters are listed below:

    1. Overheating


    • Goldshell ASIC miners produce a lot of heat that causes the miners to slow down and cause irreparable damage to them.


    • Keep the Godshell mining hardware in an area with enough airflow for proper ventilation.
    • Use a cooling pad to let your miner operate while getting heated so much.
    • Clean your ASIC mining hardware regularly, as dust can cause the miner to overheat.
    • Check the temperature of your Goldshell mining hardware regularly so you are alert before the temperature rises above a set operating temperature.
    • Install more fans to keep your mining space cool to prevent overheating.

    2. Firmware update/Download Failure


    • Instability of the Goldshell Miner and failing to update the firmware update are the issues that prevail.


    • Firmware upgrades enhance the mining capacity of the mining hardware and solve the bugs by fixing them, if there are any.
    • Ensure that your network connection is not interrupted by any means.
    • Download the Firmware update under the stable network connection.
    • Verify if the latest firmware you’re downloading is compatible with your mining hardware.
    • Follow the instructions on the official website to ensure it gets updated.

    3. Loud or Strange Noise


    • The noise level usually gets too high or strange when Goldshell ASIC Miner operates.


    • Ensure you opt for noise reduction solutions such as noise reduction boxes, which effectively reduce the noise by a few decibels.
    • Use the miner mute machines that provide the mining hardware with the required air, cool down its processor, and reduce the noise by dissipating the heat.

    4. Power Supply Issues


    • Power supply issues result in an unexpected shutdown of the miner and failure to start.


    • Check if there are any loose connections after setting up the miner.
    • Ensure you check for any issue with the electricity outlet and ensure the mining hardware has the proper power supply.
    • Connect your miner with the stable power supplying source and restart the miner for efficient mining operation.

    5. Hashrate Problems


    • The hash rate of the Goldshell ASIC gets low for the pool, and sometimes it is 0.


    • Restart your miner to see if the hash power gets restored.
    • Changing the power cable and checking for the connections ensure it operates well.
    • Ensure that you check if the network is lagging.
    • Ensure to replace the already used pool, as a few mining pools cannot adapt appropriately to the changing mining difficulty level.

    6. Unstable Network Connectivity


    • The Goldshell miner’s internet connection is unstable and keeps disconnecting.


    • Make sure the connection is correctly connected and there is no loose wire.
    • The IP address of the miner should be the same network as that of the PC.
    • Ensure that if you use mesh WiFI, your mining hardware is directly connected to the router.

    7. Goldshell Mining is not showing up.


    • The Goldshell mining doesn’t appear on the website, or the screen goes blank.


    • Ensure that the appropriate Ethernet port is where your miner is attached. Connect your miner to the secondary port.
    • Make sure your switch is configured correctly. The miners should be connected to the controller, which should be connected to the router.
    • Please verify that your miner is not connected to a mesh WiFi device when it should be to the router.
    • If the Goldshell website is down, but your miners are still operating normally, you only need to use an Angry IP Scanner to locate their IP addresses.

    Goldshell ASIC Miners’ Error Codes

    The problems with the Goldshell ASIC Miners can be detected using the error codes released by the Goldshell manufacturers on their official websites. The mining hardware will be diagnosed based on the lights that appear on the device.

    These miners have in-built lights pointing out the error code and then fixing it accordingly. The mining hardware consists of the two subsequent colors regulated by the company, i.e., Red and Green light.

    Refer to the table given below for spotting the error codes:

    Goldshell ASIC Miners’ Error Codes

    Source: Goldshell

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    The Goldshell ASIC Miners are effective ASIC mining hardware for mining altcoin cryptocurrencies, but like any other device, it has drawbacks, too. With the help of this thorough troubleshooting blog guide, you are now equipped to deal with typical problems and enhance your miner’s functionality.

    To maintain a seamless and successful mining experience, keep in mind doing routine maintenance, staying up to speed with the newest software, and adhering to safety precautions.

    FAQs on Troubleshooting common problems of Goldshell Mining

    • Can Goldshell ASIC Miners be used to mine multiple cryptocurrencies?

      Yes, the Goldshell ASIC miner supports multiple mining algorithms, allowing you to mine different cryptocurrencies.

    • How do I prevent my Goldshell Miner from overheating?

      To prevent your Goldshell miner from overheating, make sure that you install more fans to keep your mining hardware in an excellent space and regularly update your firmware.

    • What are the coins that can be mined with Goldshell ASIC miners?

      Several cryptocurrencies can be mined using the Goldshell mining hardware. The list includes Litecoin(LTC), Dogecoin(DOGE), SiaCoin(SC), Nervos Network(CKB), Handshake(HNS), StarCoin(STC), Kadena(KDA).