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Antminer D9 1770Gh/s Overview: The Hottest Dash Coin Miner

August 7, 2023

Quick Summary

In the world of Dash Coin mining, the Bitmain Antminer D9 is making waves thanks to its impressive hash rate of 1.77Th/s at 2839W power consumption. This high-performance miner’s efficient and dependable mining capabilities ensure optimal profitability for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This device can mine multiple cryptocurrencies that utilise the X11 hashing algorithm. Some examples of these cryptocurrencies are MonetaryUnit (MUE), CannabisCoin (CANN), DigitalpriceClassic (DPC), Onix (ONX), and Axe (AXE). However, it can also mine other cryptocurrencies compatible with the X11 hashing algorithm. This blog post will delve into the specifications, features, and other relevant information about this device.

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    Presenting before you all the hottest Dash Coin Miner – Antminer D9. With an impressive hash rate of 1.77Th/s, this powerful device is set to revolutionise crypto mining. This blog will examine its key features, performance, efficiency, and user experiences to provide professional and beginner-level miners with useful insights.

    This is your opportunity to delve into the specifics of Antminer D9 and decode the cutting-edge technology behind this game-changing mining device, whether you are looking to upgrade your setup or establish a base to make your presence felt in the crypto world. With Bitmain’s Antminer D9, let’s maximise Dash Coin mining’s potential.

    Key Features of Bitmain Antminer D9

    Bitmain Antminer D9 is one of the most efficient, popular and productive mining devices among crypto-mining enthusiasts. With its cutting-edge mining operations, it helps miners to increase their efficiency as well as profitability. Let us look at its specifications and features that make it the hottest Dash Coin Miner. Let’s Begin!

    Bitmain Antminer D9 1.77TH Miner

    Specifications of Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

    Manufacturer  Bitmain
    Model    Antminer D9 (1770 Gh)
    Also known as   Antminer D9 1.77Th
    Release   February 2023
    Size    316 x 430 x 570mm
    Weight  16200 g
    Noise level   75db
    Fan(s)   4
    Power 2839W
    Interface    Ethernet
    Temperature    5 – 45 °C
    Humidity     5 – 95 %

    Bitmain Antminer D9 employs the X11 mining algorithm. It’s one of the popular and secured mining algorithms based on using sequences of various hash functions with a single purpose to enhance transparency and security.

    With an impressive and productive hash rate of 1.77Th/s, Bitmain Antminer D9 is a great choice that can deliver exceptional mining efficiency for beginners and seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Being an efficient and productive mining device, Bitmain Antminer D9 has a power consumption of 2839W, making it a high-powered mining device in the crypto mining industry.

    Bitmain Antminer is one of the popular crypto-mining devices that use the algorithm X11, which means it is capable of mining popular coins like DASH. Also, when it comes to the noise level, the device runs at around 75 decibels because of the presence of 4 fans to cool the machine.

    For maintaining optimal mining performance and the proper lifespan of mining rigs, one of the crucial aspects is the presence of an effective cooling system. The Antminer has a dual-fan cooling system that can efficiently dissipate heat by optimally cooling the internal temperature.

    Comparison Between Top X11 Miners with Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

    Antminer D9 comparison with top X11 miners

    Which is the Best Mining Device for DASH Mining?

    Having a maximum hash rate of 1770 GH and power consumption of 2839 W, Antminer D9 mining rig runs on the X11 algorithm, of which DASH seems to be the main coin to mine. DASH, as a cryptocurrency, originates in the Latin American market. It is a cryptocurrency based on the idea of Bitcoin but has its elements, such as Master Nodes, InstantSend, CoinJoin, PrivateSend, ChainLocks, DAPI, etc.

    Miners can use Master Nodes by simply depositing a minimum of at least 1000 DASH. The best thing about DASH is that it makes digital currency accessible and easy for people without the requisite computational knowledge. Using DASH, anyone can create a Bitcoin Network, add a list of contacts, and transfer money within the network.

    InstantSend is a feature of DASH that allows users to transfer Dash tokens to themselves quickly. Various wallets, including Kraken, Android, and many others, widely utilise it.

    CoinJoin is a trustless and highly secure feature on the Dash network that enables non-custodial transactions. Its primary focus is on safeguarding user privacy by implementing a series of actions that prevent transaction monitoring.

    PrivateSend facilitates the transfer of coins between users, effectively decreasing the likelihood of transaction traceability and accessibility by third parties. ChainLocks is crucial in safeguarding the Dash network against external hacks and vulnerabilities. This feature provides a rapid and effective solution for countering organised threats, ensuring the network’s overall security. On the other hand, DAPI is a feature that enables developers to interact seamlessly and exchange application data and queries through endpoints.

    Dash Fundamental Analysis

    Kyle Hagan launched Dash Network as a promising alternative to Bitcoin, and since its inception, it has been rapidly gaining traction toward achieving global adoption. Its name, derived from “Digital Cash,” underscores its focus on becoming a prominent force in the online commerce community.

    Numerous prominent companies across various industries, such as food and beverage, retail, business services, travel, and the cryptocurrency sector, have recognized the potential of Dash Network and partnered with it to expand their payment options.

    Among these companies are Bitrefill, Bitfy, Cloudbet, Coinpay, CBD Gummies, Shopinbit, NordVPN, Mobile Topup, XcelTrip, Sugartrends, Viking VPN, La Maison Navarre, Living Room Of Satoshi, CryptoRefills, and many others.

    These strategic partnerships serve as a testament to the immense prospects of Dash Network as it continues its expansion into more countries and establishes collaborations with a diverse range of firms.

    Dash Current Price

    DASH is now priced at $40.21 USD as of the time that this blog post was written. DASH’s price changed by 9.90% over the previous day, and $115,951,711 worth of it was traded.

    To evaluate the potential price patterns for DASH (DASH) and determine whether it is likely to have a bullish or bearish year, we can analyse various technical indicators such as the relative strength index (RSI), moving weighted average (MWA), Williams fractal (fractal), and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) from the provided chart.

    Dash Coin Price Chart

    Dash Coin Difficulty

    Dash difficulty is fundamentally the measurement of how many hashes need to be generated for finding a valid solution to solve the next Dash block and earn the mining reward.

    The Dash difficulty chart plots a visual representation of the historical Dash difficulty target increases and decreases over time up to the current Dash block. As of 30th June, the Dash Coin Difficulty is showing 103.53M.

    Dash Coin Difficulty Chart

    Source: Coinwarz


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    In conclusion, we can say that the Antminer D9 is a promising addition to Dash Coin mining with its impressive hash rate of 1770Gh/s. Thanks to its high-performance features, it is one of the most popular mining devices, enabling miners to boost profitability and efficiency in their mining operations.

    The Antminer D9’s exceptional features include advanced technology and optimization, giving users a competitive advantage. However, while using this miner, it is essential to consider the amount of energy required, cooling requirements, profitability and more. Overall, the Antminer D9 is a dependable and potential option for individuals who want to maximise their Dash Coin mining efforts.

    FAQs on Bitmain Antminer D9 1770Gh/s

    • How much can Antminer D9 make per day?

      Profitability fluctuates based on various factors, including market dynamics, power consumption costs, coin price, coin difficulty, hash rate, etc. It is important to keep checking authentic sites that reflect the present-day value of the Antminers.

    • What is the algorithm used by Antminer D9?

      The Bitmain Antminer D9 utilises the X11 mining algorithm, which is a widely recognized and reliable algorithm for mining. X11 employs a series of different hash functions in a specific sequence, serving the primary objectives of increasing transparency and enhancing security measures.

    • What is the maximum Hashrate of Antminer D9?

      The Bitmain Antminer D9 is an outstanding choice for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering a remarkable hash rate of 1.77Th/s. This powerful mining device ensures exceptional efficiency, making it a highly productive option for cryptocurrency mining activities.

    • What is the power consumption of the Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s?

      The Bitmain Antminer D9 is a highly powerful mining device in the crypto mining industry, known for its efficient productivity. With a power consumption of 2839W, it stands as a significant player in the realm of high-powered mining devices.