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A Detailed Overview of Iceriver KS5L (12Th)

April 4, 2024

Quick Summary

Kaspa mining is evolving with increasing days as new miners are introduced to the industry. More and more miners are interested in Kaspa mining due to its increasing success, leading the brands to manufacture even more innovative mining machines to meet the growing demand requirements. One such name in the field of Kaspa miners is Ice River. They are well known for their advanced mining hardware, and they have recently introduced a new groundbreaking Kaspa miner in the market, IceRiver KS5L.

Read this blog to unleash the specifications of the newly launched IceRiver KS5L miner and dive into the details that have thrived the entire Kaspa mining industry.

Table of Contents

    Specifications of the Ice River KS5L

    • IceRiver KS5L is a robust ASIC miner specifically designed to mine Kaspa cryptocurrency. It is employed with the kHeavyhash algorithm, which gives you the security and faster transaction that a miner desires to stand out greatly in the Kaspa mining landscape.
    • It comes with a hash rate of 12 tera hashes per second(Th/s), which is an outstanding hash rate value that a miner can provide to its users. Along with it, the IceRiver KS5L consumes 3400 Watts(W) of power.
    • IceRiver KS5L, with such hash rate and power consumption, gives out an efficiency rate of 283.3 j/Th, a competitive efficiency rate higher than any Ice River miner.
    • It has a dimension of 370 x 195 x 290 mm, weighs 15000 g and has a noise level of 75 dB. It requires the voltage input as an alternative current between the 170 – 300 V range.
    • The ideal temperature for the miner ranges between 0 to 35 degrees Celsius and has a humidity level between 10 – 90%.

    Dive into the specifications of the Ice River KS5L given below:

    specifications of the Ice River KS5L given below

    Features of the IceRiver KS5L

    • IceRiver KS5L offers great features to the Kaspa miners that make it the best miner:
    • It runs a maximum hash rate of 12 Th/s, an outstanding hash rate value, making it one of the premier Kaspa miners in the industry.
    • It is constructed using durable components, making it a robust and powerful miner that reflects on its longevity.
    • It comes with an advanced and efficient cooling system that makes it a viable choice for miners to avoid the issues associated with extreme temperatures and heat.
    • Its energy efficiency is its greatest advantage and its winning feature. It gives 283.3 j/Th of hash rate on a power consumption of 3400 W, its significant output.

    Comparison of Ice River KS5L with Top Kaspa Miners

    Let us compare the Ice River KS5L with the other Kaspa miners performing well in the industry. It is one of the most crucial aspects when purchasing a miner, as it helps you evaluate and understand the basic specifications to make an informed decision. This comparison will give you a detailed view of the miners’ hash rate, efficiency, and power consumption, which will help you analyze the performance of IceRiver KS5L compared to other Kaspa miners.

    Comparison of Ice River KS5L with Top Kaspa Miners

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    IceRiver KS5L Kaspa miner is a premier choice for the Kaspa miners, and it is anticipated to deliver optimal results and be greatly energy-efficient. With a robust hash rate compared to its power consumption ratio, it strongly benefits Kaspa enthusiasts, making it an outstanding choice for the Kaspa mining landscape.

    FAQs on IceRiver KS5L

    • What is the efficiency rate of IceRiver KS5L miner?

      IceRiver KS5L comes with an efficiency rate of 283.3 j/Th.

    • Where to buy the IceRiver KS5L KAS miner?

      You can buy the IceRiver KS5L from the official website or our authorized reseller website.

    • What is the greatest feature of IceRiver KS5L that distinguishes the miner from the rest?

      The greatest feature that the IceRiver KS5L brings to the table is its exceptional hash rate of 12 Th/s and its energy efficiency.

    • Does the IceRiver KS5L require any extra maintenance?

      No, it requires no extra maintenance as it is already extremely durable; however, it will naturally maintain its longevity when kept under the required environmental and temperature conditions.