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iPollo V1H ETC Miner: Hydro-Cooling ASIC Miner

October 3, 2023

Quick Summary

iPollo, a leading manufacturer and provider of mining hardware, recently launched a new product, iPollo V1H Hydro ETC Miner and provider of mining hardware. September 2023. Due to its hash power and energy consumption, it delivers exceptionally well. It has in-built hydro cooling features that speak volumes and won’t let the miner heat up excessively to disrupt the miner’s performance.

However, when maintained well and optimized when required, it can outperform. In this article, we’ll examine the iPollo V1H in more detail to determine its potential viability. Let’s evaluate the miner, uncovering every aspect, from its functionality to its parameters, to assess its deliverability.

Table of Contents

    Specifications of the iPollo V1H

    The newly launched ASIC miner, iPollo V1H, uses the Ethash proof-of-work algorithm. iPollo, employed with Ethash, primarily mines Ethereum or Ethereum-based coins.

    The iPollo V1H is commonly also known as iPollo V1H Hydro ETC miner, which sheds light on one of the important features of iPollo V1H: its water cooling feature.

    Hydro cooling keeps the mining hardware cool and safe when performing the mining operation, leaving no room for excessive heat and lagging problems.

    The iPollo V1H ETC miner has a 6GB memory capacity and uses an Ethernet connection to conduct the mining operation. The product weighs 7950g and has 475 x 135 x 270 mm dimensions.

    Coming to the most important part, the iPollo V1H miner consumes 690 Watts of power and gives a hash rate of 850 Mh/s.

    It is what makes iPollo V1H the best because when the miner uses less power consumption and gives a higher hash rate, this marks better performance and deliverability of the miner. It reflects on its greater efficiency, which is 0.81 J/Mh.

    Take a prompt look at the specifications for a better view of the miner.

    Manufacturer iPollo 
    Model Name V1H
    Alternative Name iPollo V1H Hydro ETC Miner
    Launch  September 2023
    Net Weight 7950g
    Memory 6 GB
    Dimensions 475 x 135 x 270 mm
    Power 690 W
    Hash Rate 850 Mh/s
    Connection Ethernet
    Temperature 10-25 Degree Celsius

    Comparison of the iPollo V1H with other EtHash Algorithm Mining Hardware

    Let’s compare the iPollo V1H ETC miner with other models that are also outperforming using the same mining algorithm.

    Comparison of the iPollo V1H with other EtHash Algorithm Mining Hardware

    Minable Coins with iPollo V1H

    iPollo V1H Hydro ETC Miners employ the Ethash algorithm and works best with Ethereum Classic or EthereumFair. However, its flexibility allows it to mine other coins based on the Ethash algorithm. Therefore, the coins that you can mine using iPollo V1H are:

    • Ethereum Classic(ETC)
    • Callisto(CLO)
    • Zilliqa(ZIL)
    • PomPom(POM)
    • EthereumFair(ETHF)
    • Quarkchain(QKC)

    How to operate iPollo V1H for better deliverability?

    Here are a few things you can do to operate iPollo V1H for increased longevity of the miner:

    • Check all the ports and connecting wires so the connection is tight and rightly coordinated.
    • Keep the miner in a ventilated and spacious room to avoid heating up of the miner.
    • Clean the miner regularly to disseminate the dust particles, which can affect the miner’s performance.
    • Download the firmware as when the company releases it, it fixes many bugs and introduces the latest updates, enhancing the miner’s performance.

    Where can you buy the iPollo V1H ETC Miner?

    You can find the iPollo V1H available on several websites. However, buying the product from a reliable source is always best. If you want to purchase iPollo V1H ETC miner, buy from Asic Marketplace. Not only will you have an affordable price, but you can also access our exceptional support service throughout. You will unlock exclusive deals such as frequent updates on the order, 180 days of warranty period, and shipping within 48 to 72 hours.

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    We hope that you are now well-versed with the iPollo V1H miner with its in-depth analysis. Overall, the iPollo V1H is an excellent miner. It is a great option for people searching for an economical and user-friendly crypto miner. The iPollo V1H ETC miner is a good option for efficient Ethereum-based coin mining.

    FAQs on iPollo V1H

    • What is the hash rate and power consumption of the ipollo V1H ETC miner?

      The iPollo V1H ETC miner utilizes 690 Watts of energy and delivers a hash rate of 850 Mh/s.

    • What coins can I mine using the iPollo V1H miner?

      iPollo V1H can mine Ethereum Classic; however, it is not limited to the ETC and can potentially mine other coins that use the same mining algorithm, such as Callisto, PomPom, Zilliqa, etc.

    • What is the dimension of iPollo V1H miner?

      The iPollo V1H miner’s dimensions are 475 x 135 x 270 mm.