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iPollo X1 ETC Miner (300Mh): A Detailed Guide

August 16, 2023


Cryptocurrency mining has taken over the world, and people are now practising it worldwide. The mining world has transitioned from basic to advanced now. This transformation of the Blockchain world strives for robust advanced miners that deliver greater output. This need can only be fulfilled by an ASIC Miner. One of the most powerful ASIC Miners is iPollo X1 ETC (300MH). It is the best ASIC mining hardware which is very productive and provides exceptional hash power. This blog will walk you through a comprehensive guide to help you know the miner better. You will know the specifications, hash rate, firmware download and iPollo X1 ETC Miner’s comparison with other miners. Explore the blog to learn more about this miner and how it revolutionizes the industry.

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    About the Brand – iPollo

    iPollo Miners are the leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment and accessories. The company has its main office setup in Singapore. They cover a vast line of products, and their products offer greater deliverability. They have offices in other places, such as Hong Kong and Shanghai. They believe in Customer gratification the most and fabricate their products considering the customer’s requirements only. They have in-house R&D Technology, which is a great achievement for a firm. They prefer ASIC mining hardware and are advancing these miners by incorporating more powerful features. They successfully created a global presence with such smart and great work that now their miners are sold worldwide due to the amazing product quality and services.

    iPollo X1 ETC Miner (300 MH)

    Ipollo X1 Miner

    iPollo X1 ETC Miner (300 MH) is a robust mining hardware known for its high-tech capabilities. It offers impressive hash power, low power consumption, and user-friendly features. The miner was released in July 2023 and delivered exceptional results since its launch. The iPollo X1 ETC miner is operated using the Ethash algorithm. This miner is an excellent choice for mining Ethereum Classic (ETC). The best thing about the miner is that it can do other things. One of the best things about this ASIC miner is its money-saving quality and features.

    Specifications of iPollo X1 ETC Miner (300 MH)

    The ipollo X1 ETC Miner’s incredible efficiency is one of its prominent qualities. This miner can produce a sizable amount of ETC currency at a maximum hash rate of 300Mh/s. The iPollo X1’s low power consumption of only 240W allows miners to reduce their energy use and increase revenue regardless of the machine’s outstanding performance. Also, its exceptional memory and noise level make it an efficient miner.

    Release Date July 2023
    Hashrate 300 Mh/s
    Power Consumption 240W
    Efficiency 0.8 j/Mh
    Algorithm EtHash
    Dimension 30 x 10 x 5 mm
    Memory 6 GB
    Weight 1600g
    Operating Temperature 5-25 Degree Celsius
    Noise Level 50dB

    Features of iPollo X1 ETC Miner

    iPollo X1 ETC Miner offers some amazing features:

    • It runs using the Ethash algorithm, which can mine coins that use the same algorithm, such as EtherumFair(ETHF), QuarkCoin(QKC), Expanse(EXP), EtherGem(EGEM), Ethereum Classic(ETC), EthereumPoW(ETHW), Callisto(CLO), and Etho(ETHO).
    • It has a built-in fan to eliminate the heat and keep the temperature cool while operating.
    • It produces a relatively low noise level which is 50dB. The worry about excessive noise of miners is eliminated with the iPollo X1 ETC. Now, you can do the mining without any kind of noise disturbance.
    • The miner includes the Power Supplying Unit(PSU), which discards the hassle of buying a new one and saves money.
    • It is very easy to install, and you can configure it immediately due to its easy setting up process.

    How is iPollo X1 ETC Miner Compared to others?

    Evaluating several mining equipment models in terms of performance, cost, and other factors is essential. The iPollo X1 ETC Miner is an excellent choice, but looking into other available choices is worthwhile to see which best meets your individual mining requirements.

    To provide you with accurate insights, let’s compare the five mining devices using the same hashing algorithm:

    comparing ipollo x1 with other etc miners

    Configuration and Maintenance of iPollo X1 ETC Miner(300 MH)

    The process of configuring the iPollo X1 ETC Miner is simple. The miner may quickly and easily connect to the network using an Ethernet port. iPollo also offers technical support to guarantee hassle-free configuration and functioning.

    When it comes to maintenance, it does not require you to spend plenty of money because iPollo has curated this miner in a way that leaves very little chance of any hindrance. The miner is appropriate for various mining conditions due to its small size (30 x 10 x 5mm) and minimal noise level (50 dB).

    Firmware Download

    Upgrade to the newest version firmware on your device, android firmware iPollo X1 ETC (300 Mh) miner.

    • Connect your device to PSU and check for the connections.
    • Visit the official website or navigate this link to be redirected to the official firmware page.
    • Update your current firmware to the latest version, and download the newest one.
    • Your mining hardware will restart to finally install the latest firmware.



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    For those looking for a potent, effective, and dependable mining solution for Ethereum Classic, the iPollo X1 ETC Miner offers a compelling solution. The iPollo X1 distinguishes itself among others due to its excellent hash rate, low use of power, lightweight structure, and convenient setup. However, conducting an in-depth study and considering several aspects is essential before making a purchase decision.

    FAQs on iPollo X1 Miner

    • What is the efficiency of iPollo X1 ETC (300 Mh) Miner?

      The efficiency rate of the iPollo X1 miner is 0.8 j/Mh.

    • Is setting up iPollo X1 ETC(300 MH) Miner difficult?

      Setting up the iPollo X1 is a straightforward process requiring no technical expertise. However, you can contact our support team at Asic Marketplace if you find any difficulty.

    • Which coins are minable with the iPollo X1 ETC(300 MH) Miner?

      The coins minable with iPollo X1 are Ethereum Classic(ETC), Ethereum Fair(ETHF), QuarkCoin(QKC), Expanse(EXP), EtherGem(EGEM), EthereumPoW(ETHW), Callisto(CLO), Etho(ETHO).

    • What is the dimension and weight of iPollo ETC(300 MH) Miner?

      The dimension and weight of the miner are 30 x 10 x 5 mm and 1600g, respectively.