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Top 10 Most Profitable Asic Miners of May 2021

May 1, 2021


Here is top 10 most profitable asic miners of may 2021 whether it is of pre order batch or of in stock batch you can buy it from Asic marketplace. So, please keep reading and you will find out great options of most profitable asic miners.

Table of Contents

    Top 10 Most Profitable Asic Miners:

    1. Innosilicon A11 Pro 2000Mh/s 8GB (ETH Miner)

    If you are into cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining, there’s Ethereum miner from Innosillicon that can help you. The Innosilicon A11 Pro 2000Mh/s consumes up to 2500W in power. Likewise, the estimated profitability of it is USD 177.07 per day. However, this model is not available yet. Let’s wait for final confirmation of delivery date from the manufacturer.

    2. Goldshell KD5 18.7Th/s (Kadena Miner)

    To get in the bitcoin world, the model Goldshell KD5 18.7Th/s uses a Kadena Algorithm, which is why it’s one of the most profitable miners. With a power consumption of 2250W, it promises a profit estimate of USD 142.84 per day. It supposed to be available in August 2021.

    3. Innosilicon A10 Pro+ 750Mh/s 7GB (ETH Miner)

    With Innosilicon as a manufacturer, the A10 Pro+ 750Mh/s 7GB was released in December 2020. It has two fans and 1350W power, and it offers an estimated profitability of USD 70.14 per day. Finally, the maximum hashrate is 750Mh/s.

    4. Goldshell HS5 2.7Th/s (HNS and Siacoin Miner)

    Apart from the other amazing models Goldshell offers, the HS5 2.7Th/s based on two algorithms Handshake and Blake2B-Sia is another great option if you want to get more profits. It will be released in June 2021, and it offers a profitability estimate of USD 64.88 per day.

    5. StrongU U1++ 52Th/s (Decred Miner)

    This model STU-U1++ 52Th/s also uses a Blake256R14 algorithm and promises a daily profit of USD 59.35 It was released in July 2019, it uses an Ethernet interface and runs with 2200W power.

    6. Goldshell CK5 12Th/s (Nervos CKB Miner)

    Goldshell mining has another amazing model besides the KD5. The CK5 12Th/s up uses an Eaglesong algorithm and an Ethernet interface, and it’s one of the most profitable miners as well. With an estimated profit of USD 57.11 per day, it also supposed to be available in August 2021.

    7. Antminer Z15 420Ksol (Zcash Miner)

    This model Bitmain Antminer Z15 uses the equihash algorithm and offers USD 53.22 of profits per day. It weighs 9000g, has an Ethernet interface and 1510W power.

    8. Innosilicon A10 Pro 500Mh/s 6GB (ETH Miner)

    This model A10 pro by Innosilicon mines with EtHash algorithm and consumes 960W in power. It offers $45.60 profit per day. With an Ethernet interface and 8100g in weight, it’s one of the best items for cryptocurrency mining.

    9. Whatsminer M30S++ 112Th/s (BTC Miner)

    This model Whatsminer M30s++ by MicroBT consumes 3472W power and has a maximum hashrate of 112Th/s. This amazing device for cryptocurrency mining offers USD 43.36 daily profit.

    10. Antminer S19 Pro 110Th/s (Bitcoin Miner)

    This model Antminer S19 pro is from Bitmain uses a SHA-256 algorithm, consumes 3250W power and offers USD 42.62 per day. It’s also one of the most profitable bitcoin miners.


    When it comes to picking the best asic miners, Asic Marketplace offers amazing options. Besides giving you incredible eth and btc miners, you will know how to decide which cryptocurrency miner you want.


    Note: All the information above about profitability and release date are based on 1st May 2021 circumstances.