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What is Bitcoin Mining Council?

April 20, 2024

Quick Summary

Bitcoin mining is a more prominent name because of how it has performed over the years. Previously, it was said that Bitcoin mining would be one of the most lucrative and efficient. Today, those statements are factual because they bring such great results to the miners that almost everyone has Bitcoin in their crypto portfolios.

Bitcoin Mining Council is another name in the ever-changing landscape of Bitcoin mining, which has performed an essential role in uplifting the industry and creating awareness amongst the miners by sharing reliable reports every year. In this blog, we will get into the depth of the Bitcoin Mining Council and its role in the mining industry.

Table of Contents

    An Overview of the Bitcoin Mining Council

    The Bitcoin Mining Council is a widely accessible and free-of-cost platform that pertains to educating and helping crypto enthusiasts across the globe. This platform was introduced by the former CEO of MicroStrategy in 2021, who is currently the chairman of the Bitcoin Mining Council. The purpose behind creating the Bitcoin Mining Council is to spread the best crypto mining practices, encourage transparency, and educate the people on what Bitcoin mining is and what advantages it can provide in the long run.

    The Bitcoin Mining Council holds quarterly meetings where it consults its members across the globe and then prepares the reports so that the mining firms and crypto miners can refer to the statistics to understand the ongoing trends and developments in Bitcoin mining.

    It has almost 44 mining companies from five continents, which reflects how it has spread its roots across 50% of the global network. The list of reputed members of the Bitcoin Mining Council includes Agro Blockchain, Atlas Mining, Bitfarms, Bitfury, Celsius network, Core Scientific, Galaxy Digital, Hive Blockchain, New Data Ventures LLC, and more.

    An Overview of the Bitcoin Mining Council

    Bitcoin Mining Council provides an active platform for mining industry participants to connect so that all essential ideas can be exchanged, information gathered, and awareness created amongst the Bitcoin community regarding the best mining practices and ever-evolving transformations in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It helps the crypto mining community to perform and execute swift operations for the best outcomes.

    Why was the Bitcoin Mining Council introduced?

    The Bitcoin Mining Council offers a vibrant platform for people in the mining industry to network, share ideas, obtain information, and educate the community about the best mining techniques and the constantly changing Bitcoin ecosystem. It helps the crypto mining community to perform and execute swift operations for the best outcomes. It allows the crypto-mining community to serve and manage quick operations for the best results.

    The quarterly meetings the Bitcoin Mining Council hosts promote shared growth and cooperation and encourage knowledge sharing amongst Bitcoin mining enthusiasts. The inside story of BMC meetings and events is that the participants give presentations and hold deep discussions on the latest advancements and developments in Bitcoin mining.

    The council is dedicated to encouraging best practices among bitcoin miners in addition to knowledge-sharing. It entails gathering knowledge from seasoned miners and creating open-source solutions supporting the sector’s expansion and sustainability.

    What are the benefits of the Bitcoin Mining Council for a Bitcoin miner?

    The Bitcoin mining council has several benefits that help the whole Bitcoin community stay ahead of reliable statistics and updated trends. Below listed are some of the benefits of BMC that prove to be useful for everyone associated with crypto mining:

    • The Bitcoin Mining Council regularly collaborates with industry researchers, using their extensive knowledge and experience to understand technological breakthroughs and issues better.
    • It laid the foundation for a collaborative atmosphere that encourages innovation and enables the potential exchange of ideas among Bitcoin miners for swift outcomes.
    • The Bitcoin Mining Council strongly emphasizes gathering data to increase openness and educate the public about the difficulties involved in Bitcoin mining.
    • By clearing misconceptions, simplifying the procedure, and supplying accurate information, the council hopes to improve the public’s understanding of Bitcoin mining.
    • The Bitcoin Mining Council aims to increase Bitcoin mining operations’ efficiency and environmental responsibility by providing a venue for knowledge sharing.

    Bitcoin Mining Council on Sustainable Bitcoin Mining


    It is known worldwide that sustainable Bitcoin mining is taking over the industry now so that power can be saved and harmful carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided. The Bitcoin Mining Council released a fresh report in 2023 that confirmed through surveys that there have been yearly improvements in the sustainable energy and efficiency of Bitcoin mining.

    On August 9, 2023, the Bitcoin Mining Council—a cooperative worldwide forum of Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies and related enterprises—announced the results of its most recent poll.

    The survey, which focuses on technology efficiency, electricity consumption, and a sustainable power mix, shows that the BMC membership hash rate grew from 24 exahash per second (EH/s) in Q1 2022 to 158 EH/s in Q2 2023.

    The survey shows that the Bitcoin mining sector is significantly moving toward sustainable energy. The fact that 63.1% of the electricity used by BMC members is produced sustainably illustrates the growing trend of environmental sensitivity.

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    Bitcoin Mining Council acts as a roadmap for the miners who are constantly keeping track of the updated trends and statistics that explain how Bitcoin is performing in the industry. You can refer to the survey reports generated by BMC, as these are highly reliable and combined with knowledge from knowledgeable members who go into the depths of the work, transitions, energy usage, trends, and much more.

    Therefore, Bitcoin Mining Council is an open and free source for crypto enthusiasts looking to increase their knowledge to stay updated for better outcomes.

    FAQs on Bitcoin Mining Council

    • Who can join the Bitcoin Mining Council?

      Any crypto miner is eligible to join the Bitcoin Mining Council; the only requirement is a hash rate of a minimum of 500 Ph.

    • What is the vision of the Bitcoin Mining Council?

      The vision of the Bitcoin Mining Council is to educate and make people aware of the advantages of Bitcoin mining for the public benefit.