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anexminer-logoAnexMINER is a leading blockchain infrastructure service provider founded in January 2021 by Yang Ye and Lou Qi. It is regarded as one of the prominent brands in the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry.

The company was established with the vision of providing cutting-edge solutions and advancing the mining industry for efficient results. AnexMINER has quickly gained recognition and has made significant progress since its establishment in the market. At an event held in August 2021, AnexMINER unveiled its revolutionary script cryptographic ASIC chip product. This product marked a significant milestone for the company, showcasing its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Following the chip announcement, AnexMINER developed two more chips independently, each tailored for specific algorithms.

One chip, named BTC chip, was designed for Bitcoin Mining, utilizing the SHA algorithm, while the other was optimized for Ethereum mining, targeting the Ethash Algorithm. This step demonstrated AnexMINER’s versatility and ability to cater to the diverse needs of cryptocurrency miners. AnexMINER was honoured with the prestigious “INDUSTRY BENCHMARK AWARD.” This award further solidified their position in the industry, validating their dedication and achievements. In March 2022, AnexMINER launched the ET series, a range of mining machines specifically designed for Ethereum mining.

AnexMINER strategically discontinued the BTC machine and focused on establishing a strong presence in the global mining pool. The ET series represented a significant lineup expansion, offering miners powerful and efficient options to maximize their mining capabilities. Their product range includes AnexMINER ET4 – ETC Miner, AnexMINER ET5 ETC Miner (1200MH), and AnexMINER ET3 – ETH ETC Miner ( 300MH). Their comprehensive range of mining machines caters to various algorithms, enabling miners to optimize their operation efficiently. With a solid foundation, a reputation for excellence, and greater efficiency, AnexMINER continues to drive the industry forward as a leading brand.

FAQs about Anexminer

Does the Anexminer miners come with a warranty?

Yes, all the products sold by asicmarketplace come with a warranty.

Do Anexminer miners support mining multiple cryptocurrencies?

Any cryptocurrency that can be mined using Ethash & Etchash algorithm can be mined with a Anexminer miner.

What is the specialty of Anexminer miners?

Anexminer miners are known for their high hash rate and low power consumption, which makes them an ideal choice for cryptocurrency mining.