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strongU-logoStrongU (Shenzhen Sichuangyou Technology Co. Ltd.) is a top crypto mining company in Shenzhen, China. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best in the world computing devices to solve difficult-to-difficult mining equations.

They have been contributing so much to the blockchain industry since the time of its foundation. They manufacture high-performance chips by incorporating high technology advancements. They have the best mining hardware in the blockchain industry. Their vast portfolio contains many products such as StrongU STU U1++ Decred Miner, U6 Miner X11 algorithm, STU U8 SHA-256 Algorithm Bitcoin Miner, and more. These products have compelling hash rates, greater durability, and the best outputs. Their power computing chips and hardware prints are highly optimized. They are the crypto mining industry pioneers with greater product efficiency and customer gratification.