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microbt-logoThe designed chip is based on a 5nm advanced process and was the first in the industry to offer a full-custom design crypto currency device. They have their workplaces in Sheridan Road Suit 120, Hollywood, US. They make the best computing components for mining digital cash.

Provide the best support available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for better direction and resolution of customer concerns and a better user experience. They make many products, like power cords, fans, and Integrated IC Chips. Due to their highest levels of dependability and effectiveness, their products are widely purchased worldwide. They want to be the trailblazers of the cryptographic money mining industry with a worldwide presence.

MicroBT Whatsminer M21S, M30S+, M30S++, M31S+, M32S, and numerous other miners are included in their product line. They have the best miners that offer greater profitability, and you can start mining from the comfort of your home.